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Another day another issue to work through

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The shifter mounted a little different then the images on the vspeedworks site My shifter ends about 1" more forward then the images on that site. Not exactly sure why but I am tall, that comes with long arms so 1" further away from the seat might be a good thing.

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This banjo fitting doesn't have a bolt so i will need to buy one. The manual simply says "use the supplied bolt"... not sure what it was supposed to be included with. (I have two slave cylinders, i didn't get a bolt with either)

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Axles fit right in, I just need to put some thread lock on the bolts and get them locked down.

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The rear bump steer kit just arrived, postmarked from last Tuesday (3 weeks after i was told it was shipped...) regardless its here and looks great! Now i just need to get all the bolts locked down.
Brake lines are now 100% complete, I will pick up some brake fluid on the way home from work tomorrow.


I mounted the battery tray and washer fluid bottle. I will use a small piece of tube with a bolt though it to secure the top of the washer bottle. That will ensure that it doesn't move at all. I drove all over town looking for the last fittings for the brakes, turns out no one carry's brake line fittings anymore because "there is no money in it". I went to 5 automotive stores and received the same response at each one. (I ordered them off Amazon, should be here soon). In the meanwhile i used the fitting that came with the master cylinder and the T that was supposed to be used at the back of the car. Works great.
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Robb was over, he welded in the VSpeedworks cable shift mount kit that i bought. Fit perfect, was short one bolt (kit comes with 6 bolts, requires 7 if you follow the pictures on the site).
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This is the welder that i had to wire into the garage, works amazing.
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Shifter installed
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I finally figured out how to mount the shifter cables to the trans. Turns out the bracket that came with the trans is a perfect fit. I just had to remove the bracket flip it over 180 degrees and put it back together. Not sure how i didn't see that before.
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the rear bump steer kit that i bought 2 months ago still isn't here yet. I was told it shipped over a month ago, I have called the company that I ordered it from 5 times, they seem to have no idea where it is. I might have to cancel the Visa payment on it and cut ties with that company to get my money back.... ARRGGG.

I started putting on the front bump steer kit. I don't quite understand how its supposed to go together or how it would help with bump steer. It mounts in the same way the factory unit mounts and has almost the same clearance. I also don't see how it would be adjustable... is that what all the washers are for? is that how it adjusts? If so it doesn't adjust by much.

I finished putting the axles together and got stuck on the Porsche side clips. Only one C Clip was in the box... I needed one more 1" clip, once again i hit every automotive store around me and turned up nothing. I had to order a kit containing 300 clips for $8 off the internet, that should be here soon as well.

I think i'm going to have to install the AC lines next before the coolant system because its easier to climb in the front without the radiator.


Pretty productive day

Pretty productive day, I will try and post some photos tomorrow (I have a few hours tomorrow to work on the car as well).

Brake lines and clutch lines are in although I need to buy a few new fittings because I stripped out the T that goes on the front brake master. The ones from FFR seem a little cheap, I will pick up a better quality one. The kit also didn't come with enough brake line to finish the clutch and brakes. The manual mentions different lengths of brake line however I only received 60" lengths. So I will have to go to the store to pick up another couple of feet to finish the last rear brake tomorrow.

I disassembled both corvette axels and cleaned all the axel components of all grease. I mocked everything up so tomorrow should be smooth sailing. I still don't have the banding clamp pliers that I ordered so I wont be able to do up the CV boots (that's the tool I was talking about)

The radiator rubber bushings came in today, Once the brakes are all bled and tested and the windshield washer fluid container is in tomorrow I can get that all mounted.

So for tomorrow:
Washer fluid tank install
radiator install
Mount axels in car (assuming I can find the tool locally)
Ebrake lines
Shifter mount (I bought the Vraptor pieces, I just need to weld them in)

This leaves:
Coolant lines
Fuel system
(rear bump steer kit still hasn't arrived)
Rear mount for transmission (have to weld something up)
Attaching the wiring harness (premade)
Wheel alignment

Then I can gocart... I am getting excited about gocarting 🙂



Waiting on Orders to come in isnt a ton of fun.

Almost a month in and the Bump steer kit hasn't even been shipped yet.
New rubber bushings for the radiator have been over 3 weeks without being shipped.
I bought some new tools to assemble the CV's, those are MIA. (couldn't find the tool locally)

hope some orders will be here soon so i can resume progress.


GTM Progress Continues

bought the 97-08 Bump Steer Kit from

$500 Cad by the time it gets to my door but i feel that its worth it. I was just reading crash's notes in another thread about the amount of force that gets put on the linkage. Oh well, another day another $500

Lit myself on fire yesterday while running the grinder, took a look down and saw that my hoodie was on fire. That was fun. No injuries though but the garage still smells like burnt hoodie.

i fixed the welder plug as well, i had to make a custom mounting plate because the hardware stores around my house don't carry what i needed.


another day a little more progress.

The guys on the "other forum" came to the rescue and I now have answers to most of my questions.

I cut off and ground the old mounts down
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test fit now without the bracket
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The trans will have to go up a little higher because the trans adapter hangs down under the car.
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Now I need a welder but first the welder plug. I made it to the hardware store 10 minutes before it closed and picked up the Nema 6-50 plug and what I though was the right sized plate. The store was closing so I had to move fast.... I guess I grabbed the wrong one, I will have to go back tomorrow.
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I am going to pick up a buddies Hobart gas mig this week, the plan now is to create cardboard templates of the brackets that I need to make, I will then take those to my friend to cut out on his CNC.


More car progress

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Trans is now attached to the engine. (two of us just lifted it up and bolted it in).

Now there are some new problems to solve.

1) the shift linkages will need a custom mount created and welded together. The factory trans holes wont work.
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2) Back to the problem I was having with rear tire alignment. The problem has to be one of two things. 1, the tie rod end is to short, 2, the tie rod itself is to short. Maybe they are not factory. Can someone check there set and let me know which one is right. The rear tie rod is 4.75 inches long, the front tie rods are 9" long. by my calculations the right length would be around 7.25". The tie rod itself is 12.5 inches long, measured from the plate it bolts into to the threads that the tie rod screws into. (see pictures).
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3) (didn't take any pictures) The trans doesn't fit into the GTM rear trans mount. The trans mount is 1/2 or so thicker then the G50 mount that the GTM comes with. I will have to cut off the factory trans mount tabs and weld them back on a little wider.


I am going to have to make more time moving forward.

Volunteered to help build a garage... weekends lost.
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Volunteered to help remove a 25 Kva generator from a multi million dollar home because the owner let me keep it.
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After talking with the guy in that home he mentioned that he had a quad trail on his property that he wanted to use but it was now overgrown with trees. So he bought me a new chainsaw as payment to clear out the trail that covered 150 acres of land. I underestimated the time required for this, but it was a TON of fun. (and I got a free chainsaw :-))

I received my first order of Vspeedworks parts and they are really nice ( I needed the shifter mounts, figured I should order a few more parts while I was at it)
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I found this diagram that shows how to mount the slave, etc.
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Heres what It looked like complete.
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This is how I plan to get someone to help me lift it up.
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This weekend I am heading out camping (last time this year as the snow is already starting to fall here).... I hope to invest more time in the weeks to come.


Productive Weekend.

So day one started with me going to work because something went wrong and i was on call so i didnt get quite as far as i wanted.

Day One

  • Garage Cleaned up
  • All Bolts tightened to spec.
  • Steering wheel mounted
  • Pushed the car down the driveway, spun around and placed onto the lift with the back facing out. (ready for the engine)
  • Picked up the engine hoist from a friend.
  • Engine s
    • ensors removed and replaced with FF units as per instructions.

    Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1338.JPG  Views: 133  Size: 110.6 KB  ID: 45403 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1339.JPG  Views: 113  Size: 120.5 KB  ID: 45404

    Day two

    • alternator bolted on
    • Air-cond pump bolted on
    • Tensioner setup
    • Serpentine belts put on
    • Removed the engine from its stand and placed onto crane
    • bolted the engine mounts back on
    • Put the block heater back in (got in the way of the stand)
    • covered the inside of the engine bay with blankets
    • tried to fit the engine in.
    • realized that the manual was right and the thermostat does have to come off to fit.
    • removed thermostat, tried again
    • bolted engine in, held back end up with ratchet strap
    • bolted the starter ring and flywheel on.
    • put the bearing onto the flywheel
    • put the trans/engine adapter plate on, (realized i only had one bolt that would work)
    • Went to the store to buy more bolts.
    • bolted the adapter on.
    • bolted the clutch on
    • installed the clutch slave onto the trans
    • installed the pilot bearing, etc. onto the trans.
    • identified and purchased the bolts required to mount the trans....
    • .... ran out of time.

    Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1342.JPG  Views: 117  Size: 149.2 KB  ID: 45405 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1345.JPG  Views: 489  Size: 136.1 KB  ID: 45406 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1346.JPG  Views: 127  Size: 148.3 KB  ID: 45407

    My wife is out tomorrow evening so i should have enough time to mount the trans to the engine and the rear support.


At the drive in at deer foot mall

They do this every Wednesday for 5 weeks in the summer, this is our second time out. A little more rain then last time. 


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