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More GTM Wiring

I finished the majority of the wiring today, i made some changes to my diagram.

  1. The reverse relay now triggers with a ground (this uses less wire from the front to the back)
  2. I changed the parking light wiring. The old wiring would only light up the low beams on the front signal lights. There was nothing illuminated on the rear of the vehicle. I'm pretty sure that the law here is that the tail lights need to also light up. I checked all of my factory vehicles, they all light the brakes and the front signals. This needs one more diode, it will also light the side marker lights and the license plate.

Horn is now complete
Wiper fluid motor is now wired.
all front lights and back lights are wired up to the front and rear of the vehicle. I will do the rest once the body is on and i know where the lights end up
I removed all of the unneeded pins from the column harness 

I made a new todo list before mounting the body.... somehow the list got longer, but it is more specific. Here is what i have now.

  1. Wrap Headers
  2. Truck Switch (for alarm), I bought it, need to run the wires for it.
  3. Hood Switch (for alarm), I bought it, need to run the wires for it.
  4. AC illumination wire needs to run to cluster (then i need to find a way to wire it into the dimmer for the existing gauges)
  5. Door Switches (for alarm/foot well lights) I think i will need yet another 5 pole relay for this. (Put the old licence plate lights into each foot well)
  6. Side Marker lights (I have the relays all working, just need wires that go to all 4 corners)
  7. Run reverse light wire to stereo (i have the wires hanging, need loom and to feed it through the grommets)
  8. Assemble and mount cold air intake (ff unit)
  9. Cut floor vent holes in aluminium and rivet the vents on
  10. install the orifice tube in the AC line.... I thought i did this but i found the tube in a box
  11. Extend all the gauge sensor wires so they follow the rest of the loom under the dash.
  12. Extend the wiper motor wires over to the motor.
  13. Finish column wires
  14. Put welding blanket into the tunnel
  15. Get 3M double stick tape to attach the alarm vibration module.
  16. Create wire loom to go into each door (locks/mirrors/windows/speakers/poppers)
  17. Make a bracket to mount the kooks exhaust to the G96 trans
  18. Fix coolant leak (this just started, coming from where the tube connects to the flex line)
  19. Drill the top aluminum sheet (on the dash). cleco it in place for now.
  20. Safety wire the rear axle bolts again.
  21. Rivet on the driver side tunnel aluminum
  22. Install the drivers side gas tank
  23. Install the fuel tank roll over valves
  24. Install the Aeromotive fuel pump controller
  25. Wire the electric column extend wires into the switch (needs a fuse)
  26. Secure the heater bypass valve (need to make a bracket to hold it steady)
  27. put some vacuum line to the heater bypass from the vacuum pump
  28. I need a cigarette lighter power plug somewhere... maybe install the seats to see where there is room.
  29. I bought an amp wiring kit to go behind the passenger seat, need to put in some grommets and get it run though the tunnel

Once thats done i might let some feature creep back in.

  1. Door Poppers, there are lots of extra channels on the alarm, Seems i could use 2 to pop the driver/passenger doors
  2. Rear camera (i ran the power wire already, but need some kind of signal wire, HDMI or RCA)
  3. Line lock (not sure why i want this, spinning R888's would most likely kill the trans quickly)
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