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RFID Car Starter

The enlarged picture below outlines this project pretty well.

Using an RFID reader (not the one in the diagram, its just the only Fritzing RFID element) I plan to unlock the doors and start the car.  I plan to have this also available to a computer on board via a network interface.

Installation would require some relays connected to the accessory, ignition and starter, to start the car.  There would also be an engine start button on the dash that can light up when the RFID is detected and start the car when pressed.  Here is some of the program logic that I have worked out.

Program Card Logic:

  1. Push small button on breadboard for 10 seconds
  2. Arduino mode has to be "Idol"
  3. Both LED's flash together
  4. Arduino forgets all previous cards
  5. Present Card to reader
  6. Card is learned and written to Arduino
  7. LED's go out.

Accessory Only:

  1. Push big start button, hold for 2 seconds
  2. Accessory LED lights up
  3. Accessory Relay Trips
  4. Arduino mode is "Accessory"

Start Car:

  1. Push big start button, hold for 5 seconds
  2. Arduino mode set to be "STARTING"
  3. Accessory relays open
  4. LED one Turns ON
  5. Starter relay turns on for X seconds
  6. Monitor Tach wire to see if voltage still present.
  7. If no voltage blink both acc and ign lights in unison for 3 seconds
  8. If voltage on Tach wire then LED two Turns ON
  9. Arduino mode set to be "STARTED"

Stop Car:

  1. Push big start button.
  2. Check Arduino mode for "Started"
  3. Arduino mode set to be "IDOL"
  4. Accessory relays Close
  5. Starter relay Close