How do you know you can't do something if you haven't tried


This section includes alot of my finished projects as well as a list of some of the ongoing projects that have yet to be completed.  I will try to include as much build documentation as possible on all future projects but many of the past projects will just have text descriptions and pictures of the finished projects.


Projects left to add

  • Gas Blender
  • Laundry Cabinet
  • Media Download Server
  • Robotic Bar
  • RumBot
  • Remote Control Mower
  • Wii Mod
  • Xbox Mod
  • PS2 Mod
  • Interactive Shopping List
  • Racing Scooter
  • Home Lighting Control
  • RFID Garage Door
  • Car Computer
  • Room Temperature Monitoring
  • Electrical Monitoring
  • Home PBX