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Camping YDKJ

Aug 2019, Robb and I were having a conversation 4 days before our camping trip and decided that You Don't Know Jack would be a fun game to play on the camping projector on our next trip.

A quick trip to the hardware store where I picked up 1x 1/2" sheet of MDF and 1x 3/4" sheet of MDF. The 3/4" sheet made up the top control panel and the bottom base. The 1/2" sheet was used to create the vertical stand as well as the storage area under the control panel.

The control panel is a traced version of the TMNT control panel that i had sitting around in the garage at the time. I then drilled holes for the required buttons.

Once the control panel was finished I created the box under the control panel that would contain the electronics and give me something to bolt the stand too.

With the top done I built a simple base and cut a hole in the bottom of the control panel. I invited the family out to the garage to determine the ideal height.

Next, i built the base and routed out a T-molding groove in the bottom.

I added 3 hinges i had lying around to the control panel, painted it black and added white T-Molding to the control panel. The light-up buttons come straight from Amazon as do the large 4" buzzer buttons. thanks to overnight shipping they arrived in time to wire it up before I had to leave. The switches wire directly into a iPAC that converts the raw buttons to USB. iPAC software can then be used to map any button to any keyboard key. I then use a Gefen USB to Cat5 adapter to run the USB cable 50 feet back to a laptop sitting beside the projector.