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Auto Filling Dog Bowl

A few months back we adopted a dog from AARCS animal rescue. To lessen some of the daily routine I invested in an automatic dog food dispenser. I was looking for a similar solution to ration out water and this is what i came up with.


  1. Easy clean water bowl:
  2. 12 Volt Timer
  3. Solenoid
  4. Sharkbite Connector to T into basement water line
  5. Fittings to convert Solenoid to 1/4"
  6. Fittings to convert Solenoid NPT to 1/4 OD
  7. Braded line upgrade (optional, I did not do this at first)
  8. 12 Volt power supply

These parts together will create a water bowl that you can schedule fill times on. Currently I have programed the bowl to fill at 7AM and then top up again at 9Am, 11Am, 1Pm, 3Pm, 5Pm. Each time the water fills for a period of 1 minute and then stops. The float inside the dish will stop the dish from overfilling.

This is what the timer and solenoid look like in the basement, I mounted everything to a metal plate and secured it to the wall beside my furnace.

If your interested in recreating this, here's the basic wiring diagram that also adds a 3 position override switch that allows the system to be bypassed on, bypassed off, or set to auto

Happy Puppy

**Update 2024

I have since updated this system to use the Zooz Zen17 multirelay instead of the timer. This allows for Zwave control. HomeAssitant now controls the schedule and I have added an auto fill based on a double tap on the nearest light switch when required. The Zen17 also provides analog button input for triggering the solenoid manually.