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Power Mirrors

I bought a mirror switch that i liked the look of for $26CAD on Amazon

Now that i have a switch i need the wiring pigtail for it. I have 2 options:

  1. Get it from one of the vehicles on this site and cut it off. (junk yard run)
  2. buy it new.

Here are the mouser part numbers and prices to but it new. (about $3.00)

Now we need to figure out the pinout. Lucky for me someone has already figured that out.

So onto how we will wire this up. I think 18 gauge wire should be sufficient for this task. Now i may have the polarity wrong on this diagram, so up may be down, down may be up.... i need to wire it all up on the bench first to see if this is right. If this all works out i only need 4 wires to travel from the drivers door to the passenger door

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