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More GTM Progress

I ended up taking a week off away from the car, stuff kept coming up, one night we had over a foot of snow fall over 2 hours and my family and i got stuck on a hill (on a highway) in the middle lane. There were 100+ other cars stuck along with us, even the snow plow that came to save us got stuck right beside us... fun night. My oldest son has been having some medical problems lately so we have had a variety of doctors appointments, Xrays, blood tests, etc. We have pretty good handle on everything now so life should be getting back to normal around here.

I didn't mention before but someone broke into my car the other day, took the garage door opener and used it to gain entry into my garage while my family and i were asleep. They stole all of my hunting gear and seemly random tools and parts from around the garage. The annoying part is not that they stole thousands of dollars worth of stuff but more that fact that ever time i go out there and try to find a part i get frustrated because i don't know if i misplaced it or if it was stolen. The latest one i noticed was a bucket i had filled with new AN fittings, it also had the little wire for calibrating the gauges in it along with the wires for controlling the gauge backlights..... Gone!. I ordered two new cables from SpeedHut, cost was about $26USD, but shipping was $44USD. So those two small cables just cost me $100 Cad... arg. So far i have counted up $4000 worth of missing tools and parts. 

KGTM was nice enough to send me his unused floor vents. 

I found this picture from an old post made by Shoeless, this is how he made a opening for those vents just under the AC unit. I plan to install them just like this. Should be fairly easy to drill holes on each side then make two straight cuts with the side grinder. I did think about making these openings above the AC unit but that wont be possible, space up there is at a premium.

here are the cancer causing grommets installed. I love these grommets, they will seal very well and can be sized by cutting away the back half of the grommet. After i ordered these i saw a post where someone just took a PVC pipe and put it straight over and sealed around the pipe. Thats a great idea, if i had do do this again i would do it that way as it would provide more space, and after the dash is closed up it would remain accessible.

I realized i have not had a picture of the whole car in a while, truthfully its less together now then it was a month ago... two steps forward, sometimes 5 steps back 🙂

My Alarm finally arrived, its a Viper 5706. It has remote start, alarm, vibration sensor, tilt sensor, window roll up module, 2 way remote, and it has a phone app with GPS tracking. I am installing this unit now because it has to wire into all of the core cars systems like ignition, door sensors, hood switches, windows, door locks. I have to find a home for this somewhere up under the dash, space under there is hard to find right now.

I complained before that FF didn't supply the fog light wiring. I was wrong, they did supply it, it was in the packaging for the fog lights themselves. They come with a switch, fuses and a relay holder. I think i will just use some of the raw wire around the car, I will cut out the fuses, relay and switch.

For the headlights/brights and daytime running lights i did something a little different. I wired the headlights to be always on (along with the tail lights). This fits my countries laws for day time running lights. The headlight switch on the stalk now controls the fog lights when headlights are selected. Switching on the brights will turn off the fog lights and switch the headlights to brights. This also helps me remove one more switch from the dash.

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