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GTM Wiring

OK, onto the body portion of the wiring. Some of this may be wrong, looking for feedback

5 pole relays
- #1 High beam relay (use the 5th pole to disable the fog lights when the high beams are on)
- #2 Door Locks (lock)
- #3 Door Locks (unlock)
- #4 Column In ? (this may be low enough current to not need a relay)
- #5 Column Out ? (this may be low enough current to not need a relay)

4 pole relays
- #6 Fog light relay (wired through High beam relays off pole)
- #7 Park light relay
- #8 Horn
- #9 Brake Lights

Engine Bay relays
- #1 AC Compressor Trigger
- #2 Fan 1
- #3 Fan 2

- Hazard lights (left signal)
- Hazard lights (right signal)
- AC Compressor

Hazard lights.
I am going to wire them up like this photo
Attachment 106028

Brake lights
At the peddle the switch needs 2 wires, one to the PCM to cancel cruise and the other to a relay to run to a relay that operates the brake lights.

Fog lights.
The fog lights cannot function at the same time as the high beams in my province (this is in the government regulations document). I plan to use the 5th pin on the high beams relay to deliver power to the fog light relay. This will ensure that they cannot be used together. 

High Beams
Provincial rules again, i have to have a high beam indicator on the dash, a simple blue led drilled into the gauge cluster should take care of it.

low beams
Provincial rules , i need to have day time running lights in the front. I think i will run the low beam filament all the time, then use the high beam 5th relay pole to disable the low beam filament so i don't run both at the same time. The low beam switch on the column would just turn on the tail lights and the side marker lights (another provincial requirement)

Side Markers
By law where i live 4 side marker lights are required. two in the front (amber) and 2 in the back (red). These have to light up with the high beams and the low beams. This should also include the license plate light. I can use 2 diodes, one off the high beams and one off the low beams to run this circuit.

License plate light
Triggered along with the low beams or high beams, Just wire this into the same circuit as the Side Marker lights. (see above)

Door Locks
I need a lock and unlock wire to ground out for the alarm system, may as well use it for the center console as well.

these are wired in to the PCM using 1 relay for each fan. I have located these relays next to the PCM in the engine bay.

This all goes directly back to the PCM, I need one additional wire for the brake signal to head back to the PCM to cancel cruise.

Reverse lights
Ign + run back to the switch on the trans, then to the reverse lights. I am also going to feed the switched signal back up to the dash. I can use this to flip on a rear view camera.

Acc +, 12v+, Speaker left door, Speaker right door, Amp wire to run behind passenger seat, RCA cables to run behind passenger seat, then one last set of speaker wire between the passenger and driver seats. The end result would be some kind of deck or computer in the dash, a small amp behind the passenger seat and a sub-woofer behind the driver seat.

Parking Lights
I still need to figure this out, are these separate filaments in the bulbs? Do Parking lights turn on the side markers as well?

Wiper Spray
No relay, straight from switch to the pump.

Wiper Speeds
factory harness straight from column to motor.

Power column
There are 2 wires that control the motor and another pair of wires that look like they go to a variable resistor. I was thinking about making a little box that takes Acc and 12v+, the resistor outputs, the switch inputs and the motor outputs. This would then make note of the columns distance when turning off the ignition and restore it when turning the ign back on. I could use a small Arduino that goes to sleep until it sees Acc come back on so it draws very little power. I think i will create the wiring harnesses now and leave them under the column and finish this project later.

Power Mirrors
I need a switch (i found some online but they are very expensive). I think a trip to the junkyard should turn up a small switch with a joystick and a switch that selects the left and right mirrors. For now i will extend all of the passenger side mirror wires over into the driver side door. All of the logic and control will end up in the driver side door.

Power Windows
The two wires on the window motor for the driver and passenger door will both run to the center console. These then wire into the FF window motor switches. I plan to add a window roll up module to the alarm at some point. This will roll the windows back up. The viper alarm system needs a wire for up and a wire for down, the module then wires in between the switch and the motor. I have to sit down and work this one out on paper.

The horn needs a relay according to what i have read. seems easy enough.

There is a wire on the vintage air unit to trigger the heater bypass to stop bypassing. This will feed to a small vacuum pump, that will trigger the unit i bought that will send hot coolant though the vintage air unit. I don't think i need a relay for this.

I think the right unit for me is the Viper 5904 2 way with remote start. This will need to wire into the lock/unlock, ignition, window motors, siren, horn.

Things i may still add

  • HDMI or other cable to run a camera mounted to the back. I would also need power for that camera and a trigger reverse wire to make the whole thing turn on.
  • Door poppers, hooked to the alarm
  • dome light switches on the doors + a dome light. I think the remote start needs this as well.
  • 12v Acc (lighter plug)

Do i have anything wrong? or am i missing something?

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