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Wiring Work

I performed a little wiring harness surgery yesterday. I didn't have the original AC pressure switch connector as it sits on the opposite side of the large round connector on the engine harness and I no longer have that part of the harness. But good news, there is an identical connector on the engine harness with slightly different wire colors, also as a bonus if you use it the wire lengths are a perfect length to get from the factory GTM PCM location to the factory GTM pressure sensor location. The connector has a grey, black and brown wire. Grey and black match the old connector, the brown wire can be treated as if its red.

Here is how I removed the old pins from the old harness and moved them to the new harness

Step 1 remove the plastic colored plug end by inserting a small flat blade screwdriver into the left and right side of each colored plastic cap. Pull up on the colored cap at the same time. it will pop off.

Now remove the plastic cap from the back with the same small flat blade screwdriver. There are 6 plastic clips that need to be pried off, i found it was easiest to work on them in pairs from left to right popping them out one by one being careful not to let them pop back into place.

Now you can remove the pin by applying a slight amount of pressure to the latch and pushing the pin back through the connector (toward the wire side)

Now strip back all the old wire loom and tape and you will have a stand-alone harness

Apply new wire loom and heat shrink tubing to make it look like new.

I then took apart my new engine harness and pushed each wire into the correct pin.

I did the same for the AC request wire and AC trigger wire. Those two cables go from the PCM to the round connector as well. I took those wires and fed them into a new female weatherpac connector with some new wire loom. I will plug that female connector into a new male connector that will go though the tunnel toward the vintage air unit. I will place the relay and diode in the tunnel under right near the front of the engine. I started working on the diode and relay portion of the AC harness. I finished it but figured it was best to leave it out and double check all the wiring tomorrow.

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