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GTM Progress

The horn ground ring had to be modified to fit. This is what i had to do. After i cut off the majority of the collar i used a file to remove the sharp bits. 

These are the two relays for the VA unit. I had to remove these connectors to fit the wires though a grommet.

These are the new door switches i bought. Not to be installed soon, need the body on first. They just arrived in the mail.

This is the new electic mirror control switch, Also just arrived in the mail.

Door unlock solenoids arrived in the mail as well.

I hooked the mirrors up on the bench and verified that the motors work and the wires work the way i think they do. I still need the connector for the switch before i can test the system as a whole.

I adjusted the fuel pump filters to make room for the factory five cold air intake. I think this will leave just enough room. It will make it a little hard to read the fuel pressure gauge but i dont see that as a big deal.

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