How do you know you can't do something if you haven't tried


So far this is my wiring, i know some of these dont technically need relays but it makes me feel better having them. I couldnt find the maximum amp raitings of the column controls so this is the safest option and easy to diagnose.

  • All painless wires are used as low current inputs (so i can downgrade the painless fuses to match).
  • All painless + triggers are brought into relay terminal 86 so the integrated diodes can do their job.
  • Fog lights and headlights will function properly and not operate at the same time (as per code here in Canada)
  • license plate and marker lights will work (as per code here in Canada)
  • All high current circuits get their own fuse (these are integrated into the relay block)
  • hazard lights will work using 2 diodes
  • Day time running lights (as per code here in Canada) will be accomplished by just wiring past the switch and leaving the lows on all the time (including tail lights)
  • Turning the high beams on will turn off the low beams
  • door locks will be compatible with the Viper alarm i am installing
  • AC compressor uses the factory PCM, (so i can remove one relay from the Vintage Air harness)
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