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So I called FF to see if i could get a new windshield to replace the one that broke when a gust of wind separated it from the body and blew it across my yard....

Each windshield costs $250 USD... Reasonable enough. I asked FF to quote me the price for 2 shipped to my house (in Canada)

2 windshields international Priority shipped to my door: $4,975.36 CAD
2 windshields international Economy shipped to my door: $4,097.78 CAD
2 windshields shipped to Montana (so i would have to drive for 6 hours to go get them) $1,601.87 CAD, + storage fee at a border crossing receiver + duty at the border ($34 or so)

so about $800 + duty a windshield if I order 2. (still the most expensive piece of glass i will have ever bought in my life.)

So... anyone in Alberta want an extra windshield, this gets cheaper if i go and pick up a few, then we can split the shipping costs. The 6 hour drive will be on me.

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