How do you know you can't do something if you haven't tried


found some time to go out today.

Today was problem solving day.

1) i welded new transmission mounts the other day however its impossible to get the bolt in because the support was in the way. I welded two new braces on and moved the support forward 3" on the passenger side. Repainted everything and put it back on the car again. Problem solved.

2) I had a stupid moment and put the eccentric bolts in and mounted all of the suspension before i put the aluminum foot boxes in. I had not noticed that i had the bolt in the wrong way around so it can never be removed. It just so happens that the pieces i bought from Shane have to be welded to the bolt that now cant be removed. So....... I had to drill out a fair amount of rivets, removed the bolt, and then put them all back.

3) the brake line supports prevented me from installing the floor aluminum, had to drill out those rivets, mount the floor aluminum then put it all back.

4) the clutch master cylinder leaks where the reservoir plastic meets the metal cylinder.... I have tried to fix this 5 times with no luck before today. So today i took it all apart, hit the plastic with a heat gun like the instructions originally asked for until the plastic was softer. I then remounted it and cranked the crap out of the bolt that holds it on. Refilled and bled the system again. I then put a piece of paper under it for a few hours...... no drips yet.

We live and we learn.... today wasn't a step backwards but it sure as hell didn't get me any ways forward.

I ordered these parts today from Chev
- Another Starter bolt (I need two of the factory longer ones for the new starter)
- Metal mount for EVAP canister
- Bolts for exhaust manifold
- Exhaust studs for mounting headers GM dealership, GM# 12561310.
- Bracket that holds the brake light switch (forgot to take this off the donor)

Still have to find.
- transmission fluid (the gear oil everyone recommends on the Porsche forum's isn't available in Canada)

so by my calculations this is whats left before i can drive it around the block.

  1. check that i mounted down all steering bolts.
  2. find bolts that will fit though the new trans mount.
  3. finish front aluminum,
  4. rivet radiator down again.
  5. attach the heater lines again
  6. Fill with coolant
  7. Find a way to finish the emergency brake. (I will have to order a longer brake cable, its good enough for now.)
  8. Mount aluminum pieces that go beside the fuel tanks.
  9. Mount fuel tank (not going to use a 2x4)
  10. Mount pump+filters
  11. plumb fuel lines
  12. Fill engine with oil.
  13. Fill Trans with oil. (have to buy it first)
  14. grease all zerks
  15. install new plug wires. (i have them in a box.... somewhere)
  16. Mount Starter, (new bolt is on order)
  17. Mount clutch peddle stop (read the forum post where this caused damage when it was missed)
  18. Mount ECU, (I already modified the bracket)
  19. Run wiring harness. (I bought a premade one, this should be quick)
  20. Mount the seat (sliding rails are $250 each side locally... i might have to hit a junk yard to see what i can find.)
  21. Exhaust (just the factory/GTM stuff for now, I have to buy the kooks)
  22. Aircond, finish plumbing, fill AC lines.
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