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started working on the car again... i have an on-again off-again relationship with the car..... i am back to on-again.

Wiring harness is now in, extra wires have been removed, I had to add a few new wires

  • Wiper fluid spray pump, not sure why this is missing from the painless harness, it has wires for the motor power, but not the sprayer
  • Door plungers (for dome light)
  • 2nd switched dome light wire
  • in the door i added a ground wire (not sure how good the ground would be as the door is not metal
  • electric mirror wires.
  • lock motor +
  • lock motor - (these are after the relays under the dash)
  • Power window wires, current wiring assumes the switches are in the door but i will put them in the center console as thats what the manual calls for.
  • electric column motor (for sliding it in and out)
  • ECU AC signal
  • side markers (the law where i live)
  • Fog lights

I was surprised the so much was missing from the harness. Also i found it frustrating that the harness is clearly made for a front engine car. Also the documentation for wiring the vintage air unit was somewhat lacking. A quick google search turned up some good videos and a wiring diagram for trinary switches.

But if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worth doing. 🙂

I had to buy a few parts

  • Speedos were on sale at speed hut so i picked up a KPH unit, should be here in a few weeks.
  • I bought loom that was not split loom, i ended up getting rid of that and buying painless split loom, its much easier to use.
  • 12 gauge and 18 gauge wire in a variety of colors.
  • a vacuum coolant filling system, sucked the bubble right out of the coolant system.
  • I picked up an 8 relay holder that will bolt up under the dash to run the locks/highbeams/lowbeams/park lights/fog lights/vintage air/hazard lights. I found it weird that the kit only comes with 2 relays.

I now have to test all of my wiring and complete a short 12 item list of picky little items before mounting the body on. Then its on to figuring out doors!

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