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RV Setup Remote

We started camping with tents... allot up up front packing and setup work is required before you can open up your first beverage and sit by the fire.

We then moved up to a 5th wheel. This allowed for quicker setup and packing time by allowing us to keep items packed all the time, just hookup and go. But there were still manual jacks that needed to be hooked up, a furnace that had to be lit, a water heater that had to be lit, etc.

Then came the RV, auto leveling jacks, self starting appliances, slides that open up at the touch of a button... but it was still missing something. I couldnt operate the entire setup while at the campfile while sitting in my chair, enjoying my tasty beverage.....

Where there is a will, there is a way. I have now added a wireless remote the to RV's jacks and slides. I simply pull into the campground, get out of the RV, Grab my chair and sit down around the fire pit.

  • Button 1) Lowers the jacks and levels the RV
  • Button 3) Opens the first slide
  • Button 5) opens the second slide
  • Button 7) will open the awning when i get an electric awning.

Then to pack it all up

  • Button 8) will close the awning when i get an electric awning.
  • Button 6) Closes the second slide
  • Button 4) Closes the first slide
  • Button 2) raises the jacks

Pure bliss!

The weather pac connector is the new addition, soldered into the positive wire of each switch and attached to the ground used for this panel.
The second slide control is in the bedroom, so it gets the same weather pac connectors and wire.
Everything comes back to the cavity under the fridge drawer. There is lots of room under here, its where i keep my wireless access points and Network storage device.
The brains of the operation, a cheap aliexpress remote system. This takes 12 volts from the regulator used for the wireless access point and runs a series of 8 relays. I have wired all of this into a switch by the door so hitting a remote while driving down the highway will not open the slides or deploy the jacks.
This shot shows the screw terminals the relays use.
These are the remotes. They work fine 100 feet away without the antenna's being pulled out. With the antennas out i can get well out of view from the RV.
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