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Working out the Home Automation interface.

So over the last few days i have been playing with HTML5 and CSS to work out the best interface options for how automation could function.

So far I am leaning toward a node style interface. Elements could be added with a right click menu that provides inputs, outputs and decision conditions.

I still have a lot of interface work before turning my attention to the back end.

i need to:

  • Add a way to remove items. (right now you can only add them.
  • I have text boxes but i think it would be good to have drop downs, maybe check boxes or radio buttons but i am not sure about that one.
  • Create some Javascript that exports to JSON and sends back to the server on every edit. Should save the last 100 or so edits in a queue so i can add an undo button that works even weeks, months or years after the edit.
  • Create a JSON standard for how elements are added, put this in the database so adding new plugins can add new inputs/outputs/conditions.
  • The menu lists will be dynamic so i need to have an option for menu items to wrap around if they are more then 15 or so items.
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