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Weekend well spent.

I started off the weekend by filling/bleeding the brakes. I had a 2 air leaks that took me a while to track down. The first was in the fitting at the top of the master cylinder which caused me to have to rerun the front brake line. Once the leaks were gone the lines bled easily.

I locktite'd, torqued and safety wired the axels. This process took no less then 6 hours. The drilling of the bolts took the majority of the time. Most of my drill bits are brand new and couldn't make a dint in the hard bolts using my drill press. I bought a set of BigDog bits a while back at tradeshow, they worked like MAGIC for about 3 bolts before the titanium ends broke off. They were able to drill through the bolts like butter. I bought safety wire pliers which made short work of actually getting everything wired up.

I then took the time to adjust the CableShift unit so i could get through all the gears without the shifter hitting sides or bottoming out the cables. I then spend the next 10 minutes or so sitting in the drivers seat shifting gears while making vroom vroom noises with my daughter, its a toss up for who had more fun.

I shifted focus to the ebrake, the one from the doner was covered in rust so i soaked it in rust remover
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This is the after shot. (about 2 hours later)
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It wouldn't fit because it was quite bent. I don't think this is factory, i think someone must have bent it by pulling WAY to hard.
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I bent it back to flat and then a little bit more in the other direction so it clears the center console.
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Connections to the rear went together as planned..
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Where have people been mounting this piece. I saw that Shane has a kit but it wont fit because my starter is in the same mounting location.
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I shifted my attention to the AC lines. I started by putting in all the lines loosely (heater/AC)
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I could not get the evap unit to sit where the manual says. Upon further investigation (by watching FastThings videos) i saw that it mounts better just behind the coolant tank. The reason i couldn't get the unit to fit there was because i used the 6" extension as the manual stated.... i will be removing that 6" piece, which is a shame because it was a ***** to get it in there in the first place.
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The heater lines come with fittings that turn 90 degrees. why? it seems this would be easier to plumb if they were straight fittings.
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These seals were in the box with the AC pieces... what are they?
were they supposed to go on the AC compressor fitting?
Does anyone know what these are for.
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I also have a few parts on order
1) I ordered the heater bypass solenoid from Crash's website today.
2) Fuel tanks should be finished this week and shipped out (they are being custom made by Boyd's). They have AN fittings and a fuel pickup in the drivers side and a sending unit on the passenger side.
3) Aeromotive fuel rails should be here next week
4) M12 banjo bolt and fitting for the clutch

I head out to CES (Tradeshow) on Tuesday, back for a few days then off to Bett in London (Another Tradeshow), back for a few days then off to ISE in Amsterdam (yet another Tradeshow)..... so it might be a while before i post another update. 🙂 I do plan on getting some Traction control planning done in my other thread while traveling.

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