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Another day another issue to work through

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The shifter mounted a little different then the images on the vspeedworks site My shifter ends about 1" more forward then the images on that site. Not exactly sure why but I am tall, that comes with long arms so 1" further away from the seat might be a good thing.

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This banjo fitting doesn't have a bolt so i will need to buy one. The manual simply says "use the supplied bolt"... not sure what it was supposed to be included with. (I have two slave cylinders, i didn't get a bolt with either)

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Axles fit right in, I just need to put some thread lock on the bolts and get them locked down.

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The rear bump steer kit just arrived, postmarked from last Tuesday (3 weeks after i was told it was shipped...) regardless its here and looks great! Now i just need to get all the bolts locked down.
Brake lines are now 100% complete, I will pick up some brake fluid on the way home from work tomorrow.

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