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I mounted the battery tray and washer fluid bottle. I will use a small piece of tube with a bolt though it to secure the top of the washer bottle. That will ensure that it doesn't move at all. I drove all over town looking for the last fittings for the brakes, turns out no one carry's brake line fittings anymore because "there is no money in it". I went to 5 automotive stores and received the same response at each one. (I ordered them off Amazon, should be here soon). In the meanwhile i used the fitting that came with the master cylinder and the T that was supposed to be used at the back of the car. Works great.
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Robb was over, he welded in the VSpeedworks cable shift mount kit that i bought. Fit perfect, was short one bolt (kit comes with 6 bolts, requires 7 if you follow the pictures on the site).
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This is the welder that i had to wire into the garage, works amazing.
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Shifter installed
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I finally figured out how to mount the shifter cables to the trans. Turns out the bracket that came with the trans is a perfect fit. I just had to remove the bracket flip it over 180 degrees and put it back together. Not sure how i didn't see that before.
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the rear bump steer kit that i bought 2 months ago still isn't here yet. I was told it shipped over a month ago, I have called the company that I ordered it from 5 times, they seem to have no idea where it is. I might have to cancel the Visa payment on it and cut ties with that company to get my money back.... ARRGGG.

I started putting on the front bump steer kit. I don't quite understand how its supposed to go together or how it would help with bump steer. It mounts in the same way the factory unit mounts and has almost the same clearance. I also don't see how it would be adjustable... is that what all the washers are for? is that how it adjusts? If so it doesn't adjust by much.

I finished putting the axles together and got stuck on the Porsche side clips. Only one C Clip was in the box... I needed one more 1" clip, once again i hit every automotive store around me and turned up nothing. I had to order a kit containing 300 clips for $8 off the internet, that should be here soon as well.

I think i'm going to have to install the AC lines next before the coolant system because its easier to climb in the front without the radiator.

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