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Productive Weekend.

So day one started with me going to work because something went wrong and i was on call so i didnt get quite as far as i wanted.

Day One

  • Garage Cleaned up
  • All Bolts tightened to spec.
  • Steering wheel mounted
  • Pushed the car down the driveway, spun around and placed onto the lift with the back facing out. (ready for the engine)
  • Picked up the engine hoist from a friend.
  • Engine s
    • ensors removed and replaced with FF units as per instructions.

    Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1338.JPG  Views: 133  Size: 110.6 KB  ID: 45403 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1339.JPG  Views: 113  Size: 120.5 KB  ID: 45404

    Day two

    • alternator bolted on
    • Air-cond pump bolted on
    • Tensioner setup
    • Serpentine belts put on
    • Removed the engine from its stand and placed onto crane
    • bolted the engine mounts back on
    • Put the block heater back in (got in the way of the stand)
    • covered the inside of the engine bay with blankets
    • tried to fit the engine in.
    • realized that the manual was right and the thermostat does have to come off to fit.
    • removed thermostat, tried again
    • bolted engine in, held back end up with ratchet strap
    • bolted the starter ring and flywheel on.
    • put the bearing onto the flywheel
    • put the trans/engine adapter plate on, (realized i only had one bolt that would work)
    • Went to the store to buy more bolts.
    • bolted the adapter on.
    • bolted the clutch on
    • installed the clutch slave onto the trans
    • installed the pilot bearing, etc. onto the trans.
    • identified and purchased the bolts required to mount the trans....
    • .... ran out of time.

    Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1342.JPG  Views: 117  Size: 149.2 KB  ID: 45405 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1345.JPG  Views: 489  Size: 136.1 KB  ID: 45406 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1346.JPG  Views: 127  Size: 148.3 KB  ID: 45407

    My wife is out tomorrow evening so i should have enough time to mount the trans to the engine and the rear support.

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