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Reinstalled the lift today (its been close to 28 days since i poured the new concrete). I had a little fun lifting the frame up and down a few times, for now its not directly on the center of balance (i couldn't move the frame alone). I rented a hammer drill, it didn't go as well as planned and ended up taking 4 hours to drill all the holes.... I broke 4 crappy drill bits, getting them back out of the holes is not easy.... I should have bought better bits.
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And in the afternoon the first portion of my Canadian GTM kit came in the mail... $270 in customs fees.... ouch...

Box has

  1. The brake lines (2 sizes)
  2. 4 shocks, 4 springs, 4 spring hats, 4 adjustment collar
  3. Painless harness
  4. Slave cylinders
  5. Gas Caps
  6. Gas filler hoses

Still missing the steering rack and some of the shock parts.
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