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Things finished today

  1. Viper alarm with car starter is 100& wired in (No small Feet, this took most of the day). I also found a place to mount it.
  2. AC Compressor wiring is 100% complete, wired into factory ECU.
  3. AC Air unit is 100% complete
  4. Heater Bypass is installed and wired in
  5. Ign switch is 100% wired in.
  6. All relays are 80% wired in. (Fuses are all installed, Diodes are installed,
  7. Master fuse is installed and 30 amp self resetting fuses are installed for the Engine harness/Painless harness/AC unit/Fuel pump
  8. Hazard lights wiring is complete (diodes installed)
  9. Fog light wiring is complete.

if i can find time tomorrow i will

  • Wire the rear lights
  • Wire the Front lights
  • Wire the horn
  • Wire the wiper spray pump
  • Wire the column switches
  • Extend the wires for the gauges so they fit better.
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