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Something not car related.

Its time to get the RV out so i started by charging the batteries.

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So i started thinking about how i can get TV shows and movies out to the RV.  So i came up with a pretty slick system.

  1. The RV now has a networked storage device with 6TB of storage (Built out of parts i had kicking around)
  2. The storage device connects to a router running OpenWRT that automatically bridges to my home network when its in range.
  3. I have a script running on my home server that launches every hour and looks for the storage device
  4. If the storage device is found it starts to sync
    1. All kids movies sync, it will delete any movies that were previously synced that no longer are marked as kids movies.
    2. All unwatched parents TV shows, it also cleans up and deletes anything that has been watched since the last sync.
    3. The top 50 unwatched movies.
    4. The ROMS folders that contain NES/SNES/etc games.
  5. Thats it.
    So the end result:I pull the RV in front of the house (like i do before every trip), I plug in shore power to the house overnight to top up the batteries and test everything.  This causes the storage box to automatically boot up and the router to auto connect which allows the movies to auto sync.  Now when we start out on our trip we have TB's of new TV and Movies to watch.
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