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Progress, progress, progress…

First the current road blocks... The Medeola slave cylinder uses an M10 banjo bolt and banjo fitting that came with the GTM. I used G96 transmission that seems to use an M12-1 banjo bolt and fitting. I visited 6 automotive stores none carry M12... all carry M10.. I guess M12 is not common. I ended up ordering an M12-1 bolt from Vancouver if it fits I will pick up the fitting from the internet somewhere.

Safety wire was hard to find but i finally found a shop that carried it. I also bought the fancy spinning pliers because i can never pass up an excuse to buy a new tool.... I also bought 3 new torque wrenches and 3 new ratchets.

I picked up almost all of the required fluids like coolant, Dot 3 brake fluid, engine oil. However i still have to pickup transmission fluid, seems most people on line are very picky about what they use.... I think i might pick up transmission fluid directly from Porsche.

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I bought my fuel pump/filters/mounts/regulator/rails and most of the required fittings for the fuel system.

I have ordered some new parts
Sway bar:
Fuel Tanks:
Door Switches

All in all this week cost about $4000... the value of the Canadian dollar is killing me.

Still enjoying it though 🙂

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