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Pretty productive day

Pretty productive day, I will try and post some photos tomorrow (I have a few hours tomorrow to work on the car as well).

Brake lines and clutch lines are in although I need to buy a few new fittings because I stripped out the T that goes on the front brake master. The ones from FFR seem a little cheap, I will pick up a better quality one. The kit also didn't come with enough brake line to finish the clutch and brakes. The manual mentions different lengths of brake line however I only received 60" lengths. So I will have to go to the store to pick up another couple of feet to finish the last rear brake tomorrow.

I disassembled both corvette axels and cleaned all the axel components of all grease. I mocked everything up so tomorrow should be smooth sailing. I still don't have the banding clamp pliers that I ordered so I wont be able to do up the CV boots (that's the tool I was talking about)

The radiator rubber bushings came in today, Once the brakes are all bled and tested and the windshield washer fluid container is in tomorrow I can get that all mounted.

So for tomorrow:
Washer fluid tank install
radiator install
Mount axels in car (assuming I can find the tool locally)
Ebrake lines
Shifter mount (I bought the Vraptor pieces, I just need to weld them in)

This leaves:
Coolant lines
Fuel system
(rear bump steer kit still hasn't arrived)
Rear mount for transmission (have to weld something up)
Attaching the wiring harness (premade)
Wheel alignment

Then I can gocart... I am getting excited about gocarting 🙂

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