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More car progress

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Trans is now attached to the engine. (two of us just lifted it up and bolted it in).

Now there are some new problems to solve.

1) the shift linkages will need a custom mount created and welded together. The factory trans holes wont work.
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2) Back to the problem I was having with rear tire alignment. The problem has to be one of two things. 1, the tie rod end is to short, 2, the tie rod itself is to short. Maybe they are not factory. Can someone check there set and let me know which one is right. The rear tie rod is 4.75 inches long, the front tie rods are 9" long. by my calculations the right length would be around 7.25". The tie rod itself is 12.5 inches long, measured from the plate it bolts into to the threads that the tie rod screws into. (see pictures).
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3) (didn't take any pictures) The trans doesn't fit into the GTM rear trans mount. The trans mount is 1/2 or so thicker then the G50 mount that the GTM comes with. I will have to cut off the factory trans mount tabs and weld them back on a little wider.

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