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Working out the Home Automation interface.

So over the last few days i have been playing with HTML5 and CSS to work out the best interface options for how automation could function.

So far I am leaning toward a node style interface. Elements could be added with a right click menu that provides inputs, outputs and decision conditions.

I still have a lot of interface work before turning my attention to the back end.

i need to:

  • Add a way to remove items. (right now you can only add them.
  • I have text boxes but i think it would be good to have drop downs, maybe check boxes or radio buttons but i am not sure about that one.
  • Create some Javascript that exports to JSON and sends back to the server on every edit. Should save the last 100 or so edits in a queue so i can add an undo button that works even weeks, months or years after the edit.
  • Create a JSON standard for how elements are added, put this in the database so adding new plugins can add new inputs/outputs/conditions.
  • The menu lists will be dynamic so i need to have an option for menu items to wrap around if they are more then 15 or so items.
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Something not car related.

Its time to get the RV out so i started by charging the batteries.

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So i started thinking about how i can get TV shows and movies out to the RV.  So i came up with a pretty slick system.

  1. The RV now has a networked storage device with 6TB of storage (Built out of parts i had kicking around)
  2. The storage device connects to a router running OpenWRT that automatically bridges to my home network when its in range.
  3. I have a script running on my home server that launches every hour and looks for the storage device
  4. If the storage device is found it starts to sync
    1. All kids movies sync, it will delete any movies that were previously synced that no longer are marked as kids movies.
    2. All unwatched parents TV shows, it also cleans up and deletes anything that has been watched since the last sync.
    3. The top 50 unwatched movies.
    4. The ROMS folders that contain NES/SNES/etc games.
  5. Thats it.
    So the end result:I pull the RV in front of the house (like i do before every trip), I plug in shore power to the house overnight to top up the batteries and test everything.  This causes the storage box to automatically boot up and the router to auto connect which allows the movies to auto sync.  Now when we start out on our trip we have TB's of new TV and Movies to watch.


Waiting on Orders to come in isnt a ton of fun.

Almost a month in and the Bump steer kit hasn't even been shipped yet.
New rubber bushings for the radiator have been over 3 weeks without being shipped.
I bought some new tools to assemble the CV's, those are MIA. (couldn't find the tool locally)

hope some orders will be here soon so i can resume progress.


another day a little more progress.

The guys on the "other forum" came to the rescue and I now have answers to most of my questions.

I cut off and ground the old mounts down
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test fit now without the bracket
Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1414.JPG  Views: 54  Size: 127.2 KB  ID: 46470Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1415.JPG  Views: 44  Size: 110.8 KB  ID: 46471

The trans will have to go up a little higher because the trans adapter hangs down under the car.
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Now I need a welder but first the welder plug. I made it to the hardware store 10 minutes before it closed and picked up the Nema 6-50 plug and what I though was the right sized plate. The store was closing so I had to move fast.... I guess I grabbed the wrong one, I will have to go back tomorrow.
Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1419.JPG  Views: 68  Size: 101.1 KB  ID: 46473Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1420.JPG  Views: 52  Size: 94.9 KB  ID: 46474Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1421.JPG  Views: 49  Size: 90.3 KB  ID: 46475

I am going to pick up a buddies Hobart gas mig this week, the plan now is to create cardboard templates of the brackets that I need to make, I will then take those to my friend to cut out on his CNC.


I am going to have to make more time moving forward.

Volunteered to help build a garage... weekends lost.
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Volunteered to help remove a 25 Kva generator from a multi million dollar home because the owner let me keep it.
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After talking with the guy in that home he mentioned that he had a quad trail on his property that he wanted to use but it was now overgrown with trees. So he bought me a new chainsaw as payment to clear out the trail that covered 150 acres of land. I underestimated the time required for this, but it was a TON of fun. (and I got a free chainsaw :-))

I received my first order of Vspeedworks parts and they are really nice ( I needed the shifter mounts, figured I should order a few more parts while I was at it)
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I found this diagram that shows how to mount the slave, etc.
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Heres what It looked like complete.
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This is how I plan to get someone to help me lift it up.
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This weekend I am heading out camping (last time this year as the snow is already starting to fall here).... I hope to invest more time in the weeks to come.


Productive Weekend.

So day one started with me going to work because something went wrong and i was on call so i didnt get quite as far as i wanted.

Day One

  • Garage Cleaned up
  • All Bolts tightened to spec.
  • Steering wheel mounted
  • Pushed the car down the driveway, spun around and placed onto the lift with the back facing out. (ready for the engine)
  • Picked up the engine hoist from a friend.
  • Engine s
    • ensors removed and replaced with FF units as per instructions.

    Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1338.JPG  Views: 133  Size: 110.6 KB  ID: 45403 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1339.JPG  Views: 113  Size: 120.5 KB  ID: 45404

    Day two

    • alternator bolted on
    • Air-cond pump bolted on
    • Tensioner setup
    • Serpentine belts put on
    • Removed the engine from its stand and placed onto crane
    • bolted the engine mounts back on
    • Put the block heater back in (got in the way of the stand)
    • covered the inside of the engine bay with blankets
    • tried to fit the engine in.
    • realized that the manual was right and the thermostat does have to come off to fit.
    • removed thermostat, tried again
    • bolted engine in, held back end up with ratchet strap
    • bolted the starter ring and flywheel on.
    • put the bearing onto the flywheel
    • put the trans/engine adapter plate on, (realized i only had one bolt that would work)
    • Went to the store to buy more bolts.
    • bolted the adapter on.
    • bolted the clutch on
    • installed the clutch slave onto the trans
    • installed the pilot bearing, etc. onto the trans.
    • identified and purchased the bolts required to mount the trans....
    • .... ran out of time.

    Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1342.JPG  Views: 117  Size: 149.2 KB  ID: 45405 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1345.JPG  Views: 489  Size: 136.1 KB  ID: 45406 Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_1346.JPG  Views: 127  Size: 148.3 KB  ID: 45407

    My wife is out tomorrow evening so i should have enough time to mount the trans to the engine and the rear support.


At the drive in at deer foot mall

They do this every Wednesday for 5 weeks in the summer, this is our second time out. A little more rain then last time. 


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Quad is fixed again

brakes and cooling system are fixed. Not sure where all the coolent went, doesn't seem to leak, doesn't seem to be burning it.  


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Transmission is here.


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Backyard movie night

I bought an inflatable screen at the last trade show I attended for work.  Big hit with the kids. 


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